The Challenge

Today, on-the-go moms in Egypt lead very busy lives. Given their jam-packed schedules, it is difficult to convince them to carve out time in the morning for a healthy, well-balanced breakfast meal. The challenge for beloved cheese brand Kiri was to find a powerful way to urge moms to break out of their daily routines and make mornings wonderful again. The ultimate goal was to communicate the benefits of Kiri Creamy Spread—which is easy to use and spread—and make it an essential part of mothers’ everyday routines.

The Solution

A multi-phased strategy was devised to help Kiri break consumers’ boring daily morning routines and introduce them to a new, great way of starting their day. In the early morning hours, before the start of the work day, a number of “consumers”—comprising moms and employees—were surprised with a delicious breakfast meal and some fun entertainment guaranteed to make their mornings wonderful again.

The ‘surprise’ took place across various locations including a drop-off area at a nursery, an office and a supermarket. In the early hours of the morning, consumers were pleasantly surprised when they were going about their day and suddenly surprised by random acts of fun like a band of musicians performing, a talking parrot in a cage, and a basket full of Kiri goodness.

Each on-ground activation was shot so as to capture the simple preparation it takes to create a delicious Kiri breakfast meal and the powerful impact of Kiri’s morning surprise on consumers.

A video compiling the best reactions was then created and posted on social media. The video amassed 2.8 million views on Facebook. The growing share increased by 24 percent and the product awareness increased by 19 percent. Sales targets were also exceeded by 65 percent.