The Challenge

While consumers in Egypt are health-oriented and well-aware of the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day, they find it difficult to actually grip eight glasses of water in one hand! In line with this, for the launch of the new Nestlé water bottle, the MSLGROUP Middle East team wanted to educate consumers on the bottle’s key benefits: an easy grip and a 1.5L size – which is equivalent to eight glasses of water. This makes meeting the daily quota much easier! The challenge was to communicate these messages in a fun, engaging way that would grab consumers’ attention – so as to increase market share, cement brand loyalty, and drive sales.

The Solution

The MSLGROUP Middle East team ran a fun-filled, contest-based teaser social media campaign whereby consumers were asked: can you hold eight glasses a water in one hand? Participants had to create a video of themselves trying to achieve this and send it to Nestlé. If they managed to do it, they could win an iPad and a day use at a five-star hotel.

After a number of attempts, it was obvious that it was an impossible challenge. The MSLGROUP Middle East team then created a launch event where it was revealed that the only way to successfully win this contest is by holding the new 1.5L Nestlé water bottle in one hand. Consumers were pleasantly surprised by this out-of-the-box solution to meeting the challenge.

The campaign helped create superior brand equity. In addition, it helped break the ‘loyalty’ record of Nestlé Pure Life globally. Customer loyalty in 2015 reached 57 percent versus 34 percent in 2014. Market share increased by 100bps in 2015 compared to the previous year. In parallel, sales volume grew by 18% in 2015.